Mooji Video: Parable Shows Why So Few Realize the “Self”

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In this short 5 minute video, Mooji uses a parable to help us understand why so few realize the “Self” when there are so many that are drawn to the “Truth”.

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Starshine says:

thank u, thank u, thank u Mooji…ur in our hearts as we r in yours…Namaste’

Chandravali says:

Unfortunately this can’t be watched in Germany …

Kasparas says:

Anyone knows the name of this song by B. Marley?:)

Cynthia says:

The song is Natural Mystic.

Lalla says:

Thank You Dearest Mooji. Thank You!

Lalla says:

And Thank you so much Michael for all of this amazing videos, you send us every morning. Gratitude and Love to you. Lalla

odete santos says:

Grata por estes vídeos tão instrutivos Namaste

Joanne Lafond says:

and my minds says : “so, it is important to be the one that lives and grows in the ocean” and there I am distracted, part of it all hole and complete, “missing” isn’t who is never and always who is?
Merci for the turtle example of being here.

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