In this nine minute video, an inquiry comes in saying that she feels like the illusory nature of the ego has been revealed to her but that somehow she feels like it is still hiding somewhere, and wants to know what she can do about it. Mooji responds by first reminding her not to worry about the return of the ego and then provides advice on how to keep it in its proper perspective.

In this 8 minute video from Mooji, a seeker wants to know that since the mind seems to be something that everyone has, seems to be part of our human nature, why is it that we need to overcome it or take away its power? Isn’t it arrogant for us to say that something that seems so natural needs to be controlled somehow?  Listen to Mooji’s answer… you’ll be surprised.

In this eleven minute video clip, Mooji responds to an inquiry from someone who feels that they have realized the truth and yet can’t seem to get out of the shadow of the ego. Mooji then explains the residual effects of the ego and what to do to stay on course.