Mooji Video: Mooji’s Number One Mantra for You!

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This is one of Mooji’s most passionate short videos ever recorded. On one of his walks, Mooji responds to everyone and to thousands of questions sent to him on an ongoing basis about all the issues they think they are experiencing that is keeping them from freedom. THIS 4 MINUTE VIDEO IS A MUST SEE FOR EVERYONE!

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Sean Paton says:

Thank you Mooji thank you thank you thank you! I am, yes that was my beginning of the awakening and nothing was well worth waking for. Peace love and light to you my friend.
Waking brethren, yes I am one of them and I know there are many more out there who will waken to your wisdom and clarity of vision.

Anonymous says:

Grateful Thank You

Mary says:

Thank you for ‘ nothing’!

Anonymous says:

This is the great access to Life. Thank you Mooji for the “Nothing”. I am free!!!!

Gosia says:

Yes yes yes it’s so simple !! Love and gratitude to you Mooji and all who love you !! Namaste

James McFarland says:

Thank You…………

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