Top Rated Videos

Here is a wonderful 20 minute guided meditation from Mooji called “The Space of What Is”. Just sit back, relax and enjoy!

This six minute video starts out with a seeker asking, “Do you have a dream or a vision for mankind?” Mooji explains that now is the only point of life that exists and that this life is not a rehearsal for something down the road.

In this 12 minute video, Mooji responds to three of the most common questions coming from the ego.

  1. If I am already the “Self”, why don’t I know it?
  2. Once I realize the “Truth”, what will my experience be like?
  3. Since only the real exists, does it really matter whether I awakened or not?

Let’s listen in on Mooji’s replies….

In this eight minute video from Mooji, a questioner wants to know if she can help or speed up her self inquiry using other practices such as Asana, Pranayama Meditation or other forms of Yogas and practices.  Listen to Mooji’s surprising answer…

This is another wonderful 8 minute guided meditation from Mooji recorded on 1st April 2016 at Lucknow in Papaji Bhavan.

In this 6 minute video from an interview with Mooji, the questioner says that many times they hear people say that they seem to progress more in a Master’s presence and poses the question “Can I Awaken faster by spending more time in the physical presence of a Master?”.

This super short two minute video from Mooji is actually in response to a very important question.  A seeker wants to know, “Who is to be thankful” once one is realized. Let’s listen in on Mooji’s reply…

In this 5 minute video, Mooji manages to explain through concepts, who or what we truly are. Within the “Self” we find “Consciousness” and within “Consciousness” we find all of manifestation. Without true separation the trinity is complete as “One”.

In this 4 minute video from Mooji we find him describing the different types of Yoga. He goes on to say that it is very important to make sure we are also focusing on Yoga practices dealing with the spiritual side of things rather than the physical practices.

In this 11 minute video Mooji responds to three different questions:

  1. Why do I no longer have the fire for “Enlightenment”?
  2. I have the urge to be physically close to my Master but we are far apart, what to do?
  3. What is meant by “Nothing is happening”?

In this 7 minute video, Mooji explains that meaning in life and passion can come from the ego or not. It may also come from the heart of consciousness depending on the situation. Listen to what Mooji has to say…

In this short 4 minute reminder from Mooji, he takes us back to our true “Self” by asking can the “Self” be witnessed phenomenally? Let’s listen to what Mooji has to say…

Here is a wonderful 12 minute guided meditation set to music from Mooji called “Be Here Now”. Just sit back, relax and enjoy!

In this six minute video, a questioner wants to know “Do I have to sit with you in Satsang to realize the Truth?”  Mooji responds by explaining that live group Satsangs can be very powerful because the attention is focused only on the realization of the truth, but that in reality all of life is Satsang. He then goes on to explain what that means…

In this nine minute video, an inquiry comes in saying that she feels like the illusory nature of the ego has been revealed to her but that somehow she feels like it is still hiding somewhere, and wants to know what she can do about it. Mooji responds by first reminding her not to worry about the return of the ego and then provides advice on how to keep it in its proper perspective.

In this 8 minute video clip, a questioner says they have been coming to India for many years and yet they can’t seem to shake their bad habits and they want to know why.  See what Mooji has to say…

In this five minute video, a questioner wants to know, “How do I get rid of the mind?” or “How can I quiet the mind during meditation?”  Mooji starts out by explaining that you can’t get rid of the mind by fighting it, but by being persistent in your practice of meditation.

This six minute video demonstrates how easy one can confuse the arrogance of ego claiming itself to be the “Truth”, even when it truly seems to be genuine in nature. Let’s let Mooji take us through the process of inquiring into it…