Mooji – Escaping the Monkey Mind

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“It’s not thoughts by themselves, it is the belief in the thoughts, that give them power. If you see that they are not true, it is enough. Then they have no influence, they cannot compel….. This is how to die to mind, to die to ego.” (Mooji)

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Gisela says:

Hello – very sorry, because in my country it is not possible to open and see this video, GEMA does it not want “the music could evtl. come from UMG”

Claudia says:

Ja liebe Gisela, die gute GEMA (:. Aber, wie würde Mooji evtl sagen: don’t mind, it is all the Limitless One(:

Anonymous says:

Sri Mooji’s words have left a deep impression here. It is our belief that gives the thought power. 2 parties can share the same experience, and yet both have different impressions. Sri Mooji, in his generous Pointing’s and Love leads us to the Realization that ‘this is how to die to mind, to die to ego’ to acknowledge the power that we give to thoughts. Thoughts are not real, they are concepts like a line drawn in water. If we watch the thoughts and do not entertain the them, we remain Untouched and we Remain As The Self. This is a moment to moment Awareness.Thank you Beloved Moojiji.

kerri says:

Well said thank you

abdul rafi ahamed says:

thank you.

Veronika Birken says:

Beautifully presented. Thank you!

Aashna says:

Beautiful, funny and so clearly stated; so that if all is watched, what appears to happen is only in the mind. Is that what Mooji means when he says, if that is so, then in actuality nothing has happened? So if we stay as the Self there are still appearences but they just dont stick?

Anonymous says:


Anonymous says:


Nayana Gandhi says:

Well said…..Thanks…… Moments to moments to be in witness & remain in awareness, acknowledge thoughts,that is not me. Conditioned mind believes that thoughts,but not to participate in them.Mind mostly become powerful,let thoughts come ,don’t mind it.

Kirsten Seyler says:

Thank you <3

Marlaya says:

thank you with love

Joanna says:

Beautiful, simple, practical… ♥ Thank you! ♥

Violeta says:

Thank you. Love!

Anna says:

Ihr Lieben!
Konnte ich leider auch nicht hören und sehen wegen
gema. Schade!
Namaste Anna

Anonymous says:

Thankyou Mooji

Rowena says:

I love the analogy of the monkey mind providing the key to the monk’s mind 🙂

Chris says:

Beautiful and very powerful.

I love these small bites of Mooji.

PeaceLilly says:

Thank You ~ for your WonderFull Gifted Words of Wisdom ~ The World is enriched by your Sharing ~ Brightest Blessings & Love for you Mooji 🙂

Mary says:

Thank you

Starshine says:

Thank U, Thank U, Thank U Sri Mooji

jason says:

Divine wisdom. Such love. Thank you beloved Mooji.

jason says:

Such wisdom. I feel your words in my heart.

K.zomer says:

Al is love , thanks !!

Gordana says:

I love you Mooji and thank you

Uva says:

Sometimes I do not even listen to the words but just let the loving vibration of Mooji enter my being and tears of gratitude and joy well up. It could be any language and it is the only one…..Thank you Mooji, I love you.

Anonymous says:

I am very glad n happy to join your Group.I am very grateful to my beloved Mooji.I am watching your satsang video,i see you are very lovable…your speech is full of Love…deep knowledge which touch every one in satsang and watching your satsang hug every one with pure true love…its gives me love…peace…joy…bliss.Thanks with my Love…Gratitude…Pranam to my Loveful…Joyful…Peaceful…Blissful Loving Mooji…Om.

Ulf Ekblad says:

Beutuful wonderful everything

Ulf Ekblad says:

Beutiful wonderful everything

Margaret Schmoyer says:

Thanks again for taking your time and sharing your insights with me. Also appreciation to the community for elaborating on it and to those with the task of provideing this great serves to the public.
Much love to all, Margaret Gail

ElsieMary Poliquin says:


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