Is Enlightenment Permanent?

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The mind keeps coming back again and again… what to do?

This video is INCREDIBLE!

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george a jenkins says:

Where does his wisdon come from

Veronika Birken says:

Where does the sunlight come from? From Source!

Anonymous says:

Feeling like opening a treasury.

Anonymous says:

This is so clear it feels very precious pointing. So much gratitude .

Anonymous says:

Thank you thank you thank you

Anonymous says:


mv chowdary says:

guru ji ,charana sparsha,with and prem.i am much indebted to your Honour

mv chowdary says:


Sunil says:

Thanks a lot for these enlightening videos

Anne says:

So beautifully described:

“…The moon has no light of it’s own. It appears to, but it’s only the reflected light from the sun. In the same way, the Mind has no light of its’ own. It is carrying the reflected light from the self…”


Dalvin Bakoy says:

It is incredibly illustrated , the most profound….
Thank you

Chris says:

So deep going! I looove that video!!! Impressive…highly

odete santos says:

Adorei. Fabuloso grata Namaste

Nadia Golberg says:

Thank you Mooji!

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