Can the Self Have a Normal Life? ~ Mooji

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Is there pizza after enlightenment?

Put this video on your “Watch super often” list. It’s a gem of a gem.

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sethu says:

Thank you for sharing this

Ghataji says:

Thankyou Moojiji.<3

Anonymous says:

Thank you..!

simona says:

Thanks for all This
and I love the music at the end,someone know the artist name?
Thanks a lot

LynnAnn says:

Omkara. Her music is meditation to me!

Nayana says:

This gives freedom. be. …..

Maria says:

Beautiful explanation of the truth of all that we are…..thank you Mooji…a blessed light xx

Anonymous says:

Thank you Mooji; I listen to you Every night before I fall asleep; you make everything so clear and peaceful and good.

Geha says:

I have so enjoyed receiving these videos each day but I do not want to subscribe any longer if there are advertisements alongside flashing on and off the screen. For myself and some other people maybe, the constant changing of the pictures alongside sucks away attention that is lovingly soaking up beloved Mooji’s every word, and it is an unnecessary distraction and lacks respect. Please can you not do that. I would be very grateful.

misha says:

ohmmm thank you Mooji

ruthshivani says:

thankyou.. thankyou 🙂 xx

nahid says:

Thank you for your efforts ❤ god bless you ❤

LynnAnn says:

Freedom to be here now. I am what I am searching for! Thank you Guruji

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