Mooji Video – “I Am” is Your Name

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In this great 7 minute video from Mooji, he explains that human beings are an expression of the consciousness and not the controller or possessors of consciousness. Let’s listen in on this short boost of wisdom from Mooji…

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Anonymous says:

Audio not clear. Can you reload and send this again.

Thank you

ravend says:

what does this idiot know anything about Hindu religion ….

Anonymous says:

He is not talking about Hindu religion

Barbara says:


This post is not about Hindu religion nor any other religion. It is about the nature of reality: all beings as expression of Consciousness. It is of interest to all who wish to understand this.

Michelle Scott says:

Namaste Ravend
If you are a Practising Hindu then you should know better than to make this ridiculous statement. This has nothing to do with Hinduism or Christian or any other religion. What Mooji speaks of is our true nature. Religion has nothing to do with Spirituality or what Truth is. i
When you have reached that point,you will understand.

Anonymous says:

Mooji has nothing to do with religion.

Atma says:

..I Am is your name, it is our Godly name…..’

Shirley Brand says:

Mooji, perfect!!!!!! question, when in private does “I AM” talk to you? God, Spirit,
OM Thank you Thank you….

Anonymous says:

Very clear words! Thank you Mooji 🙂

misha says:

love YOU

Chris says:

Thank you Mooji. The person that I sometimes experience myself to be is slowly dissolving.

Ursula says:

We are One consciousness. I am you. You are me. We are spirit not bodies. Consciousness experiences through the you. Bliss is now. Love is what you are. Xxxx

Brighdin says:

Thank you Mooji for sharing Truth. I am gratefull

Margit Rajda says:

“I am I”. /Benső Énemtől/. Ez volt Indiában Rishikeshben egy reggeli ébredés utáni kontemplációban. Köszönöm szépen, Mooji!

Lalla says:

Dearest Mooji Thank you for sharing the Truth. Love, Gratitude an Apriciation to You !!

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